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Created Monday, 14th February 2000

5 November 1999

The Swedish modification notes for Benefon Forte NMT-450 (TDM-10N) have a new address.

A link to AP2000 channel memory board by OH4MVH added.

6 October 1999

There is a Czech Modification Page on the OK0NS pages with packet radio oriented modifications and software for eg. Nokia MD59 and TMF-1 (520/620).

15 June 1999

An English guide to the Nokia RB/RC/RD58 repeater modifications added.

5 May 1999

New versions of the MD50/MD59/ME59 software keep coming. The latest one is 1.86.

A revised English tutorial for the RB/RC/RD58 radios (software version 1.0) added.

2 Apr 1999

New versions 1.73 of MD50/MD59/ME59 software. Now with reverse repeater shift and 1.6/7.6 or 6.0/28.0 MHz toggle depending of the band.

19 Mar 1999

A RC58 modification guide in English by G8PWC added.

19 Feb 1999

A link to the Benefon Forte modification notes in Swedish added.

4 Jan 1999

An English modification guide for Mobira/Nokia MD59N* (Nordic NMT450) added.

We have received a lot of enquiries for the English modification guides of various equipment. In general the answer is: please read these pages carefully and often, all information will appear here as soon as we get it. Please remember that most software and guides are and will be for phones that were manufactured for the Scandinavian NMT networks. The modification guides may help you to modify equipment manufactured for your local networks, but the software will not possibly work in other versions. If you need more specific info, please keep your enquiries within the following guide lines:

This will help us to process your enquiry in a comparatively short time. Please remember, though, that the English feedback channel is operated by only a handful of voluntaries who often have more urgent and important duties.

If you are interested in software design, we can send you the OH5NXO source code package. Just contact us.

23 Dec 1998

We have been very successful in achieving old cellular equipment from the operators lately. There are some key elements to this:

ACT NOW!!! In a few moments it will become impossible to get any decent surplus FM VHF/UHF equipment anywhere for any price.

We would like to thank people at Sonera and Radiolinja, both non-hams and hams, for their support to this great hobby.

14 Nov 1998

A 2m/70cm diplexer by OH3MCK

11 Nov 1998

The machinery has been started to translate the more important conversion documents in English. The results should start appearing here within a month. We'll keep you informed...

2 Nov 1998

A guide to the numerous Nokia BB/BC/BD58 and RB/RC/RD58 versions added.

15 Oct 1998

A link added to the Nokia MD59LS modification pages (70 cm and 23 cm) by PA3GCO.

5 Oct 1998

We have received offers from Topi OH2LRH and Arjen OH2ZAZ for help in translating the documents in English and Dutch. Welcome on board, gentlemen! If you wish a certain document to be translated, please contact Topi (English documents) or Arjen (Dutch documents) directly.

Some links added, mainly to US pages with Motorola and GE conversions.

We have opened a feedback channel for the hams abroad who are interested in using Finnish made cellular and PMR equipment in radio amateur service. Just drop us a note and we'll answer your problems. Don't expect a speedy answer, though, as the service is operated by only a handful of voluntary experts...

The background picture © Juha Kurkikangas 1986

Nokia/Mobira/Benefon problems? Just ask us!

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