Tampereen teekkarien radiokerho
P.O. BOX 692, 33014
Tampereen yliopisto
Tampere, Finland
QRV 145,375 MHz
& 434,950 (-2,0) MHz
Tel. +358 40 854 7379

Ham radio hardware and software

"Where do you get your ideas from, Ms. Le Guin?"
"From forgetting Dostoyevsky and reading road signs backwards, naturally. Where else?"

- Ursula K. Le Guin: ' The Wind's Twelve Quarters ', preface -

Radio conversions, repeaters, beacons, software, ATV, electronics...

Nokia, Mobira, Benefon and Key Radio conversions in English

Mail archive for Finnish Moppe-lista

ATV pages

OH3RTR repeaters

OH3SHF beacons


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