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These modifications of ancient Mobira radios are meant for licensed radio amateur use.
In addition to this modification you also need the ham software for the radio.
If you don't know where to find it, tough luck...

These modifications are given as an example of a modification.
Your rig may have different components, their tolerances may be somewhat different and so on.
Please do not blame me if this doesn't work in your radio.

HSN2 modification

There are two screws under the display cover

and one on the other side under a plastic cap

Open the handset carefully, take the microphone away from the upper part.

The speaker leads are soldered to the circuit board - and glued to the eprom

If your handset doesn't look like this after it has been opened, you've probably
broken it - or it is of different model...

Take the eprom away. Use proper tools and do not bend the circuit board,
remember there's an LCD on the other side...

Just another picture, you can attach the PTT button
to the white connector - just follow Juha's example.

See also the TMF1 and TMN1 modification pages

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