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P.O. BOX 692, 33014
Tampereen yliopisto
Tampere, Finland
QRV 145,375 MHz
& 434,950 (-2,0) MHz
Tel. +358 40 854 7379

What the heck is Moppe?

In the old days, the Salora radio telephone department was made an independent company called Mobira. In those days, it was customary for the employees to refer to the factory as 'Moppe'.

"Who do you work for?" "Still for Moppe, of course."

"Where are you?" "At Moppe."

Later, when some older Mobira products begun to appear on the second hand market for a laugh and people started to convert them for amateur use, the nickname stayed. Although Mobira was later acquired by Nokia and became first Nokia-Mobira and then Nokia Mobile Phones, everything that was manufactured by Mobira or its successors carries the name 'Moppe' in the Finnish radio amateur slang.

What does the Name 'Moppe' mean? Well, it's a rather common Finnish name for a farmer's dog, especially one with an uncertain combination of races and of dubious origin. And, as you might well know as an conversion enthusiast yourself, a self-converted rig is the man's best friend.

So, these pages are the 'Home of Moppe'. Enjoy!

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