Tampereen teekkarien radiokerho
P.O. BOX 692, 33014
Tampereen yliopisto
Tampere, Finland
QRV 145,375 MHz
& 434,950 (-2,0) MHz
Tel. +358 40 854 7379

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We apologize the inconvenience. Because of the ever increasing problems with spam generated by automatic bulk mailers, we have been obliged to remove most mailto: links from our pages.

oh3tr (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is our club members mailing list. Use this if you have something to say to all members.

hallitus (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is a mailing list for the club board. Use this address if you have official mail for the club.

webmaster (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is mailing list for http://oh3tr.ele.tut.fi webmasters and ftp operators. Use this address when you have something like links to add to or correct on our server. Webmasters do not usually answer questions about the contents of the articles on the server.

moppe (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is the Finnish mailing list for PMR/cellular phone amateur radio conversion enthusiasts. This is a semi closed list so you have to be a subscriber to be able to send mail to the list. Unfortunately most of articles are in Finnish. You can browse the old articles at our mail archive. You'll find the link to archives at our 'The Home of Moppe' pages.

nokia-mobira (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is the English mailing list for Finnish made PMR/cellular phone amateur radio conversion enthusiasts. Please see the info page for more information and subscriptions.
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root (at) oh3tr.ham.fi is the e-mail address of the system administrator. This means that he takes care of the server and its services, not of the contents of the web pages!

Please point your link to .shtml-files instead of .html-files, when linking to OH3TR pages. Thank you!

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